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My First YouTube Live... Bombed! 😩

So I tried YouTube live for the first time on Wednesday, April 15th, it was a rocky start at first, getting it set up. You see, it was my first time using a live streaming service and I was unsure on how to use things... but thankfully I finally got it going. The food was great, I made my Dirty Cauliflower Rice and it turned out great, the conversation was great, I had roughly around 13 people join in to watch, took a great thumbnail, I was SO EXCITED...., but then I accidentally deleted it!! 😱

REALLY? After all of that hard work!! I couldn't believe it!! I was so mad at myself! So there you have it, I finally got up the nerve to post a live cooking demo and I delete the whole thing! Needless to say, I'll be more than prepared the next time as far as the tech stuff goes.

So I'm planning my next live cooking demonstration for next week, either on Tuesday or Wednesday. Not sure which right now, but I'll let you guys know ahead of time. In the meantime enjoy my upcoming video tomorrow on Cauliflower Boudin Balls... YUMMY!!

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Love you guys and God Bless!

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