O' Holy Night         

by Legenia Spiller Bearden

Now Available for Download

Spiritual, soulful, and anointed are the sounds of this classical piece sang by Legenia Spiller Bearden. O'Holy Night is the perfect song to express the love and gratitude to an Amazing God who sent His Beloved Son to save a dying world.

Sang by Legenia Bearden

Musical Arrangement by Tiaffo Banks

Available Soon For Stream on all Streaming Platforms.

Success in Christ Podcast Season III

Hello Family and welcome to Season III of Success in Christ Podcast! I hope and pray that seasons I & II continue to bless your soul. I have to admit, season 2 was a bit of a struggle for me in terms of focus and dedication (I'm trying my best to remain as transparent as possible), but the Lord has encouraged me as I step into Season III, my first interview w/ Jeff Kinley was definitely given to me by the Lord (I explain this in the interview, take a listen), and I know it will encourage you, give you hope and relief during a troubling time.

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Thanks for listening! Be Blessed! 🙂

Season III, Episode 19

Faith in the Midst of Crisis

Best Selling Author Jeff Kinley On The Word of God and COVID-19

Do you have Faith over Fear? Best selling author Jeff Kinley shares with us his thoughts about COVID-19 and the Word of God. We should not have fear, but in times like this we should seek the face of God through the Word of God.

Success in Christ, Season III

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