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Success in Christ: Ministry and Business Non-Profit Seminar

As I work tirelessly at this wonderful nonprofit that God has given me, I find myself loosing my zeal to work on other projects that are dear to me. The latter part of 2016 I presented my first NonProfit Seminar, teaching individuals everything they needed to know to get their nonprofit off the ground. These seminars are faith based; meaning that I discuss business in the biblical sense, and encourage attendees to rely on their faith in God (this is how I started my business). Now we are in October 2018 almost 2 years since I presented my first seminar. I've been thinking a lot about doing another one, people question me all of the time about how they can start their nonprofit. So now here goes....

My 2018 Success in Christ: Ministry and Business NonProfit Seminar is scheduled for Saturday, November 17th from 2pm-5pm.

This seminar will teach you everything you need to know to get started with your nonprofit organization. I will not only give you the tools and resources to get started, but I will pray with you and give you real life application to help you succeed. This event is for those that are believing and trusting God for everything they desire. It is scripture based and a whole lotta praise and worship will be in the house. So if your ready to step out in faith and fulfill your God Given Dream of helping your community, you won't want to miss this event!

Registration is now open, we have limited space available so register today!

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